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Chapter 22 Questions 1) How did Henry Ford revolutionize the automobile industry? Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile industry by discovering a new way to profit from prices. A smaller unit profit on a large amount of sales produced large amounts of revenues. Ford introduced the first Ford car, along with the Model T (a four-cylinder with 20 horsepower.) As time passed on Ford began automobile assembly lines to reduce time and cost of producing cars. 2) What were the main causes for the formation of Niagara Movement and the NAACP in the early 20th century? The main causes for the formation of the Niagara Movement is to claim the rights of a freeborn American: political, civil and social. As for the NAACP the organization fought for the civil rights of Americans. Reformers like John Addams and John Dewey fought for these civil rights in order to create the actual freedom of an American. 3) In what ways did immigrants adjust, or not adjust, to their new society? Immigrants around the 1900s had to go through adjustments provided by Americans.
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Unformatted text preview: Americans would attempt to “Americanize” an immigrant; Ford is a prime example. The adjustments or adaptations that had to be made were towards dress, language racial and racial theories. Many immigrants were “sneered” at because of their ethnicity and cultures. Thus, lead to the trials to Americanize the immigrants. 4) How did labor organize to protect its interests, and how did some businesses like Ford, respond? Labor organized to protect its interests by searching for better wages and working conditions as well as limiting the entry into labor forces. Henry Ford reacted to such efforts of protection by creating $5 day which rewarded his workers by doubling the wage rate and reducing the work day from nine hours to eight. Ford used the $5 day to his advantage. By creating a day he made requirements in order to get the increase of wage a worker had to qualify the behavior code....
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