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Pearson Profile - The inclusion of Juan Segun in the...

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Pearson Profile: Juan Seguín Questions Why has American history generally ignored the contributions of non-Anglos? American history has ignored most of the contributions of non-Anglos because back in that time early American writers specifically wrote only about heroes of the Americans. For example, Juan Seguín, an important variable to the independence of Texas captured San Antonio during the Mexican-American War. With the surname of a non-Anglo, Americans did not address Juan Seguín's influence towards the independence of Texas. Due to this fact, those who recorded successes of American history were mainly ethocentrists. What does the inclusion of Juan Seguín in the history of Texas tell us about the role of ethnic minorities in American history?
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Unformatted text preview: The inclusion of Juan Segun in the history of Texas reveals that the role of ethnic minorities in American history is not widely published compared to those of American majorities. No matter how important a person's role was in history, those who were not of Anglo descent did not get the credit they truly deserved. Juan Segun was a primary example because he successfully captured the dictator San Antonio as well as other promotions towards the Texas Independence movement. Without this capture treaties would not have been signed. Without the treaties the "Texas Independence movement might have failed altogether." Therefore, it is seen that American writers were prejudice towards heroes who were not American....
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