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Quiz 0 - Study Tips CS50 — Fall 2011 Prepared by: Doug Lloyd ’09 October 10, 2011 Helpful Hints Here are a few study tips for preparing for the first quiz. Read the quiz instructions, posted on the course website: ( https://www.cs50.net/quizzes/2011/fall/0/about0.pdf ) Take particular note of the line: “The quiz will be more conceptual than it will be mechanical.” The practice problems that you completed over the past few days are useful only inasmuch as they force you to apply the concepts you’ve learned so far. It’s not enough to be able to do these problems. You need to also know why these solutions work! Practice tracing through code. Be prepared to do the kind of problems/programs that have appeared in section and lecture. Be prepared to identify bugs in a segment of nearly working code. Review common pitfalls and make a list of the errors which caused you the most grief when debugging your last two assignments. Be comfortable with true / false , one/zero, if-else , switch , comparison operators ( < , > , == ) and logical operators ( , || ). Remember: 0 is false , 1 is true . Remember also that = denotes an assignment, while == performs a comparison. Read over the part of the lecture notes which discusses compiling, libraries, etc. You do not have to know this in great detail, but you should understand what is going on when you ask the computer to compile your program. Review all the lecture notes, section slides, and cheat sheets. Find and make
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Quiz0StudyTips - Quiz 0 - Study Tips CS50 Fall 2011...

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