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Midterm 2 Review - Midterm Study Guide Philosophy 1204 Web...

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Midterm Study Guide Philosophy 1204 Web of Belief Web metaphor – unorderly/no foundation // center is more certain but you can take out central beliefs and still have structure o Coherantism o Tree branches = world of experience // web strings = observation sentences Architectural metaphor (Descartes) o I exist as a thinking thing God exists C & D perceptions are accurate mind DNE body, Math/geom. exist, physical objects exist o Foundationalism Observation sentences – observations that all witnesses will agree on (can be false) o Formulate our beliefs that most directly tie us to the world Knowledge – Cartisian = absolutely certain // Quine = never going to get to absolute certainty web hangs off reasonable circumstances (satisfy six virtues) o Knowledge as justified by belief Belief – disposition to behave in certain ways under certain circumstances o Not a feeling or activity (disposition!) o Deep seated – far removed from direct experience // central role in thinking Change of beliefs – inconsistent beliefs o Form/change by observation or inference (beliefs must fit together) Reject belief/Believe not -- DIFFERENCE btw rejecting or withholding judgment of a belief (theism, atheism, agnosticism) Inferred beliefs – move away from shared beliefs Hypotheses – conjectures that go beyond observations o Observations / inferred beliefs hypothesis o Good hypothesis – fits well with what we know / helps make sense of what we know
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Virtues of hypothesis o Conservatism – don’t deviate from your established evidence or beliefs unnecessarily o Modesty – don’t get carried away too much beyond the evidence you have to work with Extrapolate carefully
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Midterm 2 Review - Midterm Study Guide Philosophy 1204 Web...

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