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Nelson Midterm Review - Shohan Shetty Midterm Review for...

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Shohan Shetty Midterm Review for Section III Format: Maybe multiple choice(10-15) (no T/F), short answer (~2-3 sentences) and long answer (compare two perspectives specialized, and in comparison 2 or 3 areas) SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONISM - Basics of Theory o Uniqueness of people is ability to use symbols o Distinctively human through interaction with others o Conscious and self-reflexive beings who actively shape own behavior o Purposive creatures who act in and toward situations, based upon how they are defined Always interpretation process going on Definitions of situation not fixed, can be fluid/redefined o Society consists of people engaging in symbolic interactionism Centered around individuals o “Social act” should be the fundamental unit of analysis- idea of “joint act” or mesh actions to those of others within situation through process of communication and interpretation - Religion (Nelson, A Way Out of No Way) o Emphasizes joint creation of spiritual categories of meaning Frames of interpretation of what was happening learned through religion Gained symbols to be able to use in world o SI at congregational/personal network level, individuals construct templates of meaning which they apply to interpret life events o Interpretation contingent, open to change based on others’ actions and reactions (particularly authoritative figures) - Violence (Scully Marola, “Convicted Rapists’ Vocabulary of Motive) o Perpetrators construct interpretation of their own actions, allows them to escape full responsibility o Deniers used justifications Seductress, no means yes, eventually relax and enjoy, nice girls don’t get raped, minor wrong o Admitters: blamed selves, but also excuses, lower responsibility Alcohol/drugs, emotional problems, “really nice guy (except for this)” o Meanings can be contested, attributed to actions and situations after the fact Shaping future patterns of action
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Nelson Midterm Review - Shohan Shetty Midterm Review for...

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