The Ambitious Guest

The Ambitious Guest - The Ambitious Guest SUMMARY The story...

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The Ambitious Guest SUMMARY The story begins with a description of different kinds of happiness that lies between the youthful daughter, and elderly grandmother. This very family of lives high above where the mountains lay. Thus, they rarely get visitors and are isolated. The mentality of this family is basically a safe, stay at home content mindset. Suddenly they all hear a knock on their door and it is a young man needing a place to stay. The family is somewhat weird-ed out by such a rare occasion. After the entering of the young man, they all sit by a fireplace and converse. The stranger speaks about him wanting to do wonders before he dies. He stated : "But I cannot die till I have achieved my destiny. Then, let Death come! I shall have built my monument!" The young traveler has so much ambition is strikes the family in awe. Soon enough, one by one they break out agreeing with the man. The father seems somewhat discontented with his average life, and the simple Mother displays her secret pieces of
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