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THE BIRTHMARK SUMMARY The story begins with a scientist named Aylmer who is married to a beautiful woman named Georgiana. Being a scientist Aylmer seeks perfection in every living thing on Earth. Because of the need of perfection, Aylmer criticizes Georgiana’s deep red birthmark for it is the shape of a hand on her left cheek. Day after day, Aylmer could not look at his wife without a disgusted face. Georgiana got fed up with his husband getting nightmares of her birthmark and agreed to allow Aylmer work his scientific magic and remove her birthmark. Aylmer, excited to remove such a “defect” he brings Georgiana to his laboratory. Working furiously and quickly, Aylmer works together with his assistant Aminadab to create a concoction in order to remove Georgiana’s birthmark. As Aylmer works on the potion Georgiana sees his scientific works and is astonished at his husband’s ability. Unfortunately, due to Aylmer’s inability to see the perfection of imperfection Georgiana dies right
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Unformatted text preview: after Aylmer gives the concoction and the story ends with Aminadab smirking and Aylmer in shock. COMMENTARY I was really surprised at first when I read about Aylmer wanting to change his wifes appearance because when you marry someone you should love them for who they are. The fact that he actually confronted his wife speaking about the removal of her birthmark astonished me. Not only this, but Aylmer had nightmares based on her birthmark. To me Aylmer seemed like all he cared was appearance. If he loved his wife for who she was he would not wish to remove her birthmark. In this portion of the short story I already foretold what was going to happen after Aylmer gave the potion to Georgiana. With the clues from Aylmers assistant I knew Georgiana was going to die. Also because of the clich morals about imperfect beauty. By the end of the short story I gained rage towards Aylmer because he created the concoction knowing there was a slight chance of her dying....
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