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The Chimaera SUMMARY A man by the name of Bellerophon arrived at a fountain in Greece and a maiden who was already there served him water from the fountain. Amazed by such a delicious fountain Bellerophon comes across a country man with a horse. The country man speaks with Bellerophon and ridicules him for trying to find a Pegasus around the area. He admits the Pegasus as nonexistent. Soon after Bellerophon asks an elderly man for the whereabouts of the Pegasus, he claims he haknows not of beauty anymore. Finally, asking the maiden and little boy they both claimed they have seen its reflection in the fountain and heard its neigh. With enough evidence Bellerophon continue s on to search for the Pegasus. Bellerophon is a traveler from Lydia and went to Greece to find the Pegasus to defeat the Chimera in Lydia for the King. He feels like it is his duty to destroy this poisonous monster that has "...three separate heads, one of which was a lion's, the second a goat's, and the third an abominably great snake's.
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Unformatted text preview: .." Time flies by, finally the child that had kept Bellerophon's company had seen the Pegasus from the fountain's reflection. Bellerophon manages to ride the Pegasus and it reacts horribly. Pegasus flies and kicks its hooves to throw Bellerophon off for its freedom. Finally, Bellerophon manages to get the Pegasus to love him and fly back to Lydia and defeat the Chimera. COMMENTARY I give kudos to Bellerophon's persistence for the search of Pegasus. However, I do feel like the country man is most correct. Even if Bellerophon manages to obtain the Pegasus, why would he want a horse with wings? The Pegasus would most likely fly away from its stable or be able to drag the plow well. I was actually really shocked Bellerophon managed to find the Pegasus and befriended the mystical creature. In the beginning of the story I did not understand why the Pegasus was so important for Bellerophon to find, but I finally understood, Bellerophon just wanted to be a kind noble and save Lydia from the poisonous Chimera...
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