The Crucible Test

The Crucible Test - the play begins—before the curtain rises 11 How does the opening of ACT TWO offer a contrast to ACT ONE 12 What do you think

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The Crucible Test 1. What sort of social life did the Salem villagers have? 2. What activities were forbidden? 3. What social/ leisure activities were condoned? 4. What was the attitude of the people of Salem toward the wilderness? 5. What does parochial mean and what exactly does Miller mean in using the word in this context? 6. How were the Puritans and their theocratic community—different from the earlier settlers of Virginia? 7. How does Miller define “theocracy”? 8. Define “paradox” and cite one example of how this particular paradox remains a source of conflict today? 9. The play opens with Miller’s description of the stage/setting. What literally, do we see as the curtain rises and what is implied or suggested by the stage design? 10. In ACT ONE of the Crucible, what important events have occurred before
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Unformatted text preview: the play begins—before the curtain rises? 11. How does the opening of ACT TWO offer a contrast to ACT ONE? 12. What do you think Miller’s purpose in establishing this contrast? 13. What do we learn about the relationship between John and Elizabeth Proctor from the opening dialogue and action of ACT TWO? 14. What important facts de we learn from Mary’s dialogue. And why do you think Miller chose this method of presenting the events? 15. Who has the better understanding of Abigail’s motives and aims, John Proctor or Elizabeth? 16. Describe the tempo or pace of ACT TWO. 17. How do the character entrances impact this tempo? 18. How would you describe the mood or atmosphere at the end of ACT II?...
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