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TRANSCENDENTALISM NOTES _ Transcendentalism was a movement within American Romanticism _ Romanticism: a nineteenth century way of looking at the world which was a strong reaction against the Age of Reason (Thomas Jeffersonl); there was a pendulum swing in thought: EMPHASIZED OVER IMAGINATION REASON INTUITION LOGIC SPONTANEITY PLANNING NATURE CIVILIZATION HIGHER TRUTHS REALITY/SCIENCE INDIVIDUAL SOCIETY American Romanticism – _ distrust of civilization _ nostalgia for the past _ concern with individual freedom _ interest in the supernatural _ love for the beauty of the natural landscape Romantic Hero in American Fiction – _ youth (or youthful innocence) _ love of nature (distrust of town life) _ uneasiness with women (seen as civilizing and confining influences) _ need to engage in quest for higher truths _ virtue lies in innocence, not in sophistication _ The Transcendentalists were a group of New England writers in the mid-19 th century (1830s and 40s); many were early abolitionists and feminists. _ They held the view that the basic truths of the universe transcend (lie beyond)
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