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LOGIC 1. Which of the following are statements? Math is hard. There was measurable rainfall yesterday at the airport. How hot is it? 2. Translate the sentence into symbolic form: “The food is sweet and it is not spicy”. 3. Write a truth table for     ~ pq qr   4. Write the negation for each of the statements below (a) The car is blue (b) No cars are blue (c) Some cars are blue 5. Write the compound statement ~ as a sentence given that p : The birds are hungry q : The birds are thirsty SETS 1. Express the shaded region in set notation: 2. A class of math students can be grouped in the following sets: A ={ x | x is a woman} B ={ x | x has taken Economics} Find the set of women who have not taken Economics in set builder notation 3. A store has sold 100 microwaves. 80 of the microwaves have turntables and 40 of them have programs. If 90 of them have programs or turntables, how many have only turntables?
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