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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 4. DSC 335. Name _______________________ Consider the tuning station of your factory in the Littlefield Technologies game. There is one waiting line and two (2) tuning machines in the station. On average 12 orders arrive at the station per day (=12/day). Each tuning machine can process 17 orders per day (µ=17/day). We assume that the tuning station meets all assumptions of M/M/2 queueing system. Please estimate the operating characteristics of the tuning station. Suppose on average the number of orders waiting to be process is 0.1. (This implies .) 1) What is the average utilization of the two tuning machines? 2) What is the average waiting time of an order before being processed (Wq)? 3) What is the average time an order spends at the tuning station (W)? 4) On average, what is the total number of orders at the tuning station (L)? ...
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