Midterm 1 Review

Midterm 1 Review - MENO Socrates (470-399 BC) o Devoted...

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MENO Socrates (470-399 BC) o Devoted life to conversation/examination of ideas o Left no writings o Agora Marketplace and the gymnasium/athletic club/business district in Athens Plato (427-347 BC) o Attracted by Socrates’ conversations à preserved “memory of Socrates” o Did want his ideas to die with him—wrote dialogues (about 2 dozen – Socrates is main character) o Fictionalized recreations of the kinds of conversations Socrates had with people. Sophists o Sophist (teachers) comes from sophia (wisdom) o Sophistical = saying something slimy/not right o Self improvement gurus o Socrates doesn’t like sophists --- kind of like advertisements – more about appearance than reality à appearance of wisdom vs. actual wisdom o Gorgias, Protagoras, Prodicus Good Definition o Not just a bunch of examples o Essence: what it is about the examples in virtue of which they are examples of the concept being defined Neither too broad Nor too narrow No counter-examples o The definition should contain concepts that are clearer than the concept being defined E.g. no circular definitions Dogmatism - Unwillingness to examine one’s own views carefully à Meno blames Socrates for confusion Meno’s Paradox o Can’t search for what we don’t already know E.g. how can you look up the spelling of a word in a dictionary? o Cynical thesis about the search for knowledge Theory of Recollection o Socrates’ questions stirred up buried memories the slave boy’s soul had acquired in a previous existence o The knowledge was innate o Leading questions?? Socratic method of teaching o Ask questions à student figures it out themselves o Vs. traditional teacher tells student, student listens
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Midterm 1 Review - MENO Socrates (470-399 BC) o Devoted...

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