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Curtis Richardson SHR 355 When companies begin forming, they usually spend a lot of money in order to get started and brand themselves. As they go through this process they look for different strategies in order to minimize the cost of their expenses whether it’s through equipment, factories or labor. When companies are looking to expand their companies and minimize their expenses, they use outsourcing. Outsourcing is a strategy or method in which companies are contracting with another company or person to do particular functions. Outsourcing is a common strategy that firms all over the world use in order to minimize any expense they see that they can cut down. Even though outsourcing is very effective at times it can also be harming as well. Outsourcing allows companies to focus their attention towards another part of the business while having the other part taken care of by outside experts. This
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Unformatted text preview: ultimately means that a large amount of resources and attention can be used for more important issues within the company. The companies that usually handles the outsourced work often has world-class capabilities and access to new technology that a company couldn't afford to buy on their own. When a company is looking to expand outsourcing is a cost-effective way to start building foundations in other countries. There are some drawbacks to outsourcing as well. One of these is that in some cases it eliminates direct communication between a company and its clients. This may prevent a company from forming a relationship with their customers. There is also the danger of not being able to control some aspects of the company due to delayed communication....
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