The FINCO Case for SHR 355

The FINCO Case for SHR 355 - Loan if over Processing...

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The FINCO Case FINCO is a small finance company targeting rural small businesses in the NE US with a highly knowledgeable sales team and flexible product offering. It is growing rapidly. There is increasing organizational frustration over the internal workflow on the part of the sales team as volume increases and territories expand. The current workflow is basic and common in this industry, but increasing application turnaround times is hurting FINCO’s edge as a flexible, entrepreneurial competitor among the larger, bureaucratic firms such as Wells Fargo or Farm Credit Leasing. Sales Customer Associate Product Development Application Central
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Unformatted text preview: Loan if over Processing Committee $50k Under Pricing Writing Nearly all applications go through similar steps as illustrated above. At each step, there is good communication via phone and online regarding the status of the application. Product development also works with each territory sales manager to tailor products suited to the geographic environment. While this process typically took 24-48 hours to complete in the past, the firm now experiences 3-5 day turnaround times. What changes should FINCO consider? We are not solving the problem!! Just come up with questions and prioritize the questions with your groups....
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The FINCO Case for SHR 355 - Loan if over Processing...

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