BIO 317 Syllabus

BIO 317 Syllabus - Biology 317 - Principles of Cellular...

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page 1 Biology 317 - Principles of Cellular Signaling Fall, 2011 9:50-11:10 AM - Javits 102 Professors: Simon Halegoua (Course Director), William Collins, Maya Shelly Teaching Assistant: Erin Rasco Readings: (A) Cellular Physiology of Nerve and Muscle (Matthews; 4 th edition) (B) Biochemistry of Signal Transduction and Regulation (Krauss; 4 th edition) Date Instructor Topic 30-Aug Collins Problems getting things across membranes: pores & transporters - Chapter 1 (A) 1-Sep Collins What features make pores so special? – Chapters 2 & 3 (A) 6-Sep Collins Pores provide the transmembrane battery: maintaining electroneutrality - Chapters 4 & 5 (A) 8-Sep Collins Generating the action potential for intracellular signaling - Chapters 6 & 7 (A) 13-Sep Collins A lot of channels with specialized gates keep the signal moving - Chapter 7 (A) 15-Sep Collins Diseases involving voltage dependent pores - Handout 20-Sep Collins Synaptic pores and intercellular signaling - Chapter 8 (A) 22-Sep Collins How do pores get signals going? – Chapter 9 (A) 27-Sep Collins Diseases of pores involving intercellular signaling - Chapter 9 (A) 29-Sep NO CLASS- Rosh Hashanah 4-Oct Exam 1 6-Oct Halegoua Interpreting extracellular signals: Signal Transduction - Chapters 1 (B), p1-15; Chapter 5 (B) 11-Oct Halegoua An adrenalin rush through the second messenger cAMP - Chapter 5 (B) 13-Oct Halegoua Sensory systems and G-proteins: Vision by phototransduction - Handout 18-Oct Halegoua Second messengers and effectors regulate your metabolism - Chapter 6 (B) 20-Oct Halegoua Second messengers and effectors – Chapters 6, 7 (B) 25-Oct Halegoua Growth factors, oncogenes and cancer - Chapters 8-10, 14 (B) 27-Oct Halegoua Keeping neurons alive and active: Neurotrophin signaling – Chapters 8-10, 14 (B) 1-Nov Halegoua
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BIO 317 Syllabus - Biology 317 - Principles of Cellular...

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