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Juadaism Test 1. So, when is Shabbat? What time of day does it formally begin? 2. When time of day does it formally end? Some sayings about Shabbat : 3. "If the Children of Israel would observe one Shabbat properly, the Messiah would immediately come" (Babylonian Talmud: Taanit 1,1) 4. B. “Shabbat has kept Israel more than Israel has kept Shabbat” Essay question: What is meant by saying “B” above? 5. What is the main purpose of Shabbat? How does what people do reflect what God is believed to have done? 6. Why are 39 classes of work forbidden? 7. What are people supposed to experience on Sabbath? How must you live on
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Unformatted text preview: Shabbat? 8. What influence did mystical ideas have on how Shabbat is imagined? What are the three parts of the Sabbath rituals? 9. How is Shabbat the one sacred time in which women lead a primary role? 10. What food is necessary for Shabbat? A link for those who do not get arrested for entering a kitchen with intent to cook… 11. Essay question: How is Shabbat a “holy” time: that is, a time set apart? 12. What sort of issues now arise around Shabbat? (for our discussions later in the term, try to find 13. out what your congregation says about each one!)....
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