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hursday, Nov 10 1. R esource scarcity Central historical issue regarding running out of resources - adequacy of resource supplies Or… When will we 'run out of everything?' prior to industrial revolution – local shortages of food, water, basic materials; industrial revolution – coal (nonrenewable) more recently – energy shortages of early 1970s Two extreme views… Pessimistic… foresee energy, mineral, and food shortages, limited availability; in most severe case, mass starvation, conflict over resources. Optimistic… temporary shortages may arise, but discovery and innovation will forestall severe shortages. Both views have some historical examples - Roman Empire (pessimistic view), Industrial Revolution, Green revolution (optimistic view). Pessimistic view… Malthus - 1798 Essay on Principle of Population Food supply grows arithmetically (1,2,3; grows at constant rate. .) Population grows geometrically (1,2,4,8,16…doubles) Expected population to eventually exceed nature’s ability to provide food and other important resources. Hasn't come true - because of technological advances; besides, population does not grow
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xid-9266534_2 - T hursday Nov 10 1 Resource scarcity...

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