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Ecosystem services (taken from Gretchen C. Daily, Nature's Services: Societal Dependence on Natural Ecosystems, 1997; Brewer, The Science of Ecology, 1988 ) Soil: absorption of precipitation absorption of waste materials including remains of decaying plants and animals, which could otherwise be toxic) recycling of constituent materials into forms useful for other plants and animals propogation of food chain physical support of plant life absorption of waste materials & dead organic matter Marine ecosystems:
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Unformatted text preview: Fisheries & environmental management Sequestration, transformation, and detoxification of waste materials and nutrients Climate regulation Tourism and recreation Coral reef systems Beaches Estuarine systems Real estate development and value Freshwater ecosystems: Water supply Fish, waterfowl, shellfish Flood control, Transport Recreation Water quality buffering & protection Hydroelectric generation Bird & wildlife habitat Non-use values Forests: Water shed servics Control of soil erosion Regulation of rainfall regimes Climate regulation Biodiversity & habitat Wild foods Timber Grasslands: Atmosphere composition and maintenance (sequestration of carbon & organic matter) Genetic material Conservation of soil...
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xid-8846249_2 - Fisheries& environmental management...

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