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HLTH_321_Community_Health_8_27_07 (1) - changing their...

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HLTH 321 Community Health 8/27/07 PRECEDE-PROCEED PRECEDE-PROCEED is a planning model designed by Lawrence Green and Marshall Kreuter for health education and health promotion programs. Its overriding principle is that most enduring health behavior change is voluntary in nature. This principle is reflected in a systematic planning process which seeks to empower individuals with understanding, motivation, and skills and active engagement in community affairs to improve their quality of life. This is also practical: Much research shows that behavior change is most likely and lasting when people have actively participated in decisions about it. In the process, they make healthy choices easier by
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Unformatted text preview: changing their behavior and by changing the policies and regulations which influence their behavior. A generalized model for program planning: 1. Understanding and engaging 2. Assessing needs 3. Setting goals and objectives 4. Developing an intervention 5. Implementing the intervention 6. Evaluating the results 7. Writing a report on the findings/results 8. Disseminating the report Questions: 1. Why is it important to use a model when planning? 2. Name, and describe briefly, the components of a generalized model for program planning [see above]. 3. What is PRECEDE-PROCEED? Explain its components....
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