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HLTH 213 – Nutrition – Homework for January 21, 2009: Directions: Follow the directions to a “tee”…Answer each of the numbered items below and send them to me via email ( [email protected] ) by January 21, 2009. Emails sent after that date will not be opened and the contents will not be graded. Make a MICROSOFT WORD document; use 12 pt font; number your responses and send only the answers; make sure your name is on the paper; run spell checker; single-space the text; include the date as January 21, 2009 (with your name and the course and number at the top of the page).
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Unformatted text preview: Go to the website below. http://www1.wfubmc.edu/Nutrition/Count+Your+Calories/dtd.htm 1. Find a few of your favorite ‘drive through’ meals. 2. Compare and contrast two such meals. 3. Discuss [in no more than one page of typed single-spaced text] which meal was the ‘healthiest.’ Is it really ‘healthy?’ Explain your answer in a brief paragraph. 4. Find [from any of the restaurants] two ‘really healthy meals.’ Explain briefly why they are healthy. 5. Be sure to include drinks with your findings in both #2 and #4....
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