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HLTH 353 – Directions for 10/24/08: Go to http://www.peteleroi.com/PPT.html , PPT #34 and answer the following questions: 1. With distilled spirits, alcohol content is expressed in terms of _____ , a number that is twice the percentage of alcohol: 100-proof bourbon is ___ percent alcohol. 2. How many “drinks” would a woman weighing 120 pounds have to drink in order to reach the legal BAC limit of 0.08? 3. List eight factors that affect BAC. 4. List three moderate effects of moderate drinking. 5. List five negative effects of moderate drinking. 6. Alcohol in a typical drink reaches the bloodstream in ___ minutes and rises to peak concentration in about ___ hour(s). 7. Alcohol is a diuretic and (lowers) (raises) body temperature. – choose one. 8. Choose two of the following and explain
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Unformatted text preview: alcohol’s effect on them: heart; liver; stomach and intestines; immune system; liver; reproductive system. 9. Give two reasons why people drink and explain briefly what they mean. 10. Define binge drinking. 11. Alcohol is related/correlated with assault in college age students. How many students yearly are assaulted as the result of alcohol-related activity? 12. Alcohol is related/correlated with unprotected sex after drinking in college age student populations. How many students yearly engage in unprotected sex as a result of alcohol-related activity? 13. List five warning signs of too much alcohol consumption/alcoholism. 14. List eight complications of alcohol abuse and dependence. 15. List alcoholism treatment modalities....
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