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NEW MEXICO HIGHLANDS UNIVERSITY SYLLABUS – Fall 2008 Course : HLTH 151 – Personal Health and Wellness Room: PE 223 Time: MWF 9:00 – 9:50AM Instructor : Pete LeRoy, Ph.D., CHES Office PE 237 Office Hours: MW 1-3:00 pm and TR 2-3:00 pm Phone: 426-2233 (office) & 699-6067 (cell) E-mail: pleroy@nmhu.edu Textbook : Donatelle, R ., Access to Health: The Basics ; 8 th Edition; Pearson Benjamin Cummings; ISBN- 0 – 321 – 52302 – 4 Course Description : HLTH 151 – Personal Health and Wellness (3 credit hours). Introduction and overview of health and wellness principles, concepts, and strategies known today as health promotion. Identification and discussion of how habits, attitudes, judgments, and choices relate to quality of life and disease prevention. Course Objectives : The student will become familiar with the following topics and hopefully be equipped to make healthy life decisions as a result of being exposed to the information: 1. Healthy behavior change and how important it is to follow a wellness model rather than the medical model 2. Psychosocial health and its importance to living a balanced human life 3. Managing stress and the importance of regulating one’s life accordingly so as not to ‘burn out’ 4. The six behaviors identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that if begun early in one’s life and if they persist throughout the developmental years, lead to most of human’s premature morbidity and mortality Grading : 90-100% = A; 80-89% = B; 70-79% = C; 60-69% = D; Below 60% = F Term Project/Paper : A minimum of a 2-page final report/paper is required on a health behavior change issue that is relevant to you personally and that you have ‘worked’ on all semester. Behaviors that students choose must be approved by the course instructor . Details available in class. Papers/reports
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