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HLTH 151 – Chapter Fifteen – Heredity and Disease: 1. Define: (a) chromosomes; (b) congenital birth defect; (c) DNA; (d) karyotype ( page 337). 2. Define hereditary (genetic) disease; list several. (338+) 3. Define teratogen (341). What was/is Thalidomide? Why was it used? (340) 4. What is prenatal testing? (342)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. What is amniocentesis? (343) 6. Tell about FAS (341+) 7. What is genetic testing? (344) 8. Why would one need genetic counseling? (344) 9. Explain the process of embryonic stem cell use. (346) 10. What is cloning? (347) 11. Who was/is Dolly? (348)...
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