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Final Exam Study Guide - ARTH198 STUDY GUIDE Commissioners...

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ARTH198 STUDY GUIDE Commissioner’s Plan of 1811 - New York State Legislature Grid Makes city regular and predictable Logic for real estate Land Ordinance of 1785 – Continental Congress, Thomas Jefferson U.S. gained land west to Mississippi Territory surveyed and divided uniformly into square townships, 6 x 6 miles. Townships subdivided Ignored natural topography Balloon Frame – Chicago, George Washington Snow ca. 1832 Studs vertically continuous from sill to rafters Floorboards nailed to backs Houses put up rapidly by unskilled workers; easy design Greater flexibility in arrangement of interior space Popular in Midwest; used in barn construction Home Insurance Building – Chicago, William LeBaron Jenney, 1885 First skyscraper Steel frame with fireproofing Frame stacked up and masonry (outside) wraps around it World’s Columbian Exposition – Chicago, 1893 Chief Architect: Daniel Burnham 400 yr anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of America “Dream City” – classical design o Consisted of: Court of Honor o State Exhibition Pavilions: ex) Pavilion of Mexico o Cross Axis o Wooded Aisle o Administration Building – Richard Morris Hunt o Agricultural, Manufacturing & Liberal Arts, Mining, Electricity, Machinery & Woman’s Buildings Contained world’s first Ferris Wheel Known as the “White City” MacMillan Plan – Washington, D.C., Daniel Burnham, 1900-1902 First expression of “City Beautiful” movement – Progressive ideology Early form of urban renewal Sought to emulate the grandeur of European capitals such as Paris, London and Rome Union Station – Washington, D.C., Daniel Burnham, 1901-1907 Roman triumphal arch
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Set fashion for great urban entrances: Penn Station, Grand Central Station Arches, vaults, waiting room ceiling 96 feet tall 3 large arches in front of station Chicago Plan – Daniel Burnham 1909 Reflected Haussmann’s Paris Object: to save city from chaos due to rapid growth and especially to the influx of people of many nationalities without common traditions or habits of life Created uniform social order Followed Washington Plan Buildings of identical height Reliance Building – Chicago, Burnham and Root (Charles Atwood), 1890, 1894-95 Columns of steel framing, each built up from four standard sections riveted together Exterior cladding – terra cotta Floor framing system (layers from bottom – top): o hollow clay tiles, act as arches between joists (beams) o concrete o wood floor Bay windows Crystal Palace – London, Joseph Paxton, 1850-1851 Great Exhibition of All Nations Hyde Park 1870 ft. long Cast and wrought iron girders 5 aisles Warehouse Built so it could be taken apart and built somewhere else Wainwright Building – St. Louis, Missouri, Louis Sullivan, 1890-91
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Final Exam Study Guide - ARTH198 STUDY GUIDE Commissioners...

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