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Azerbaijan forestry and tourism

Azerbaijan forestry and tourism - Melissa Walters MIS 598...

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Melissa Walters MIS 598 Azerbaijan According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization 11.3% of Azerbaijan or 936,000 hectacres is forested land. Of this 42.7% or 400,000 of the forested land is classified as primary forests, which are the most biodiverse and carbon-dense forms of forests. The other 55% or 516,000 hectacres consists of other naturally regenerated forest. The other 2% of 20,000 hectacres is planted forest. Currently, there are 14 nature reserves (206,937 ha), there are 20 sanctuaries (273,860 ha), and 3 national parks (84,428 ha). This comes to a total of 7% of Azerbaijan’s territory used for sanctuaries, national parks, and nature reserves. The forests contain 54 million metric tons of carbon in living forest biomass. Between the years 1999-2010 Azerbaijan exhibited no decrease in natural forest cover due to deforestation. Reforestation projects have occurred on average at about 2,500 ha per year. Major disturbances to forest health and vitality come from insects and diseases. The primary designated
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