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Policy Memo Azerbaijan - Melissa Walters Memorandum To:...

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Melissa Walters Memorandum To: Committee on Water and Sanitation Issues From: Melissa Walters Date: February 13, 2012 RE: Water and Sanitation Improvements in Ismayili Introduction The rural community of Ismayili suffers from water shortages and a lack of sanitation. Potentially successful programs to help Ismayili meet the water and sanitation needs of its peoples should include an initiative to increase the cooperation between indigenous populations, NGOs, and local governments. Also, increase community participation in solving these issues by empowering local leaders to become “core trainer and sustainability planners” who can demonstrate proper sanitation practices and inform governments and NGOs about what issues need to be solved and how best to implement a sustainable one. Finally, a synthesis of efforts between local governments, indigenous populations and leaders, and NGOs should be done to implement affordable sanitation and water technologies. Current water and sanitation issues in Ismayili Only 58% of the population in this city and its surrounding communities has access to safe drinking water, and this in combination with the low availability of improved sanitation facilities contributes to the preponderance of poverty and poor health. The water in this region is contaminated with industrial pollutants such as heavy metals,
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Policy Memo Azerbaijan - Melissa Walters Memorandum To:...

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