Exam 4 - 1. a. External unstable b. Internal stable c....

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1. a. External unstable b. Internal stable c. External stable d. Internal stable e. External stable f. Internal stable 2. The teacher we saw in the video may have high levels of withitness because she monitors the classroom in its entirety and engages each student. In addition, she addressed four levels of with it ness as described by Kounin. The first level is overlapping, or supervising several activities at once. The teacher in the video attended each group and monitored them, in order to maintain group focus. She also used movement management, or keeping the lessons and the group moving at an appropriate and flexible pace, with smooth transitions and variety. The teacher in the video constantly had the students moving through various groups and learning exercises. She also developed caring relationships by not being too rigid or harsh, but encouraging all the student’s strengths and having open communication. These positive, trusting relationships seemed to ensure management problems never to develop. Finally, the teacher encouraged social and emotional self regulation to prevent management problems. It is stated that these social skills can be molded to harbor attitudes that value cooperation and compromise. 3. Jig saw groups addresses the empowering school culture and social structure of Bank’s dimension of Multicultural Education, because jig saw groups are supposed to be diverse in sex, ethnicity, interests, and abilities. From these groups the teacher may be able to examine group and labeling practices and be able to influence the reduction of prejudices and discrimination. Also, because Jigsaw originally intended to be helpful for ELL students, thus creating high interdependence within diverse groups. This addresses Bank’s dimension of developing an equity pedagogy in multicultural education. 4.
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Exam 4 - 1. a. External unstable b. Internal stable c....

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