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Final Exam - EDP 304 Summer-1 2011 Final Exam Due 6/28 by...

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EDP 304, Summer-1 2011 Final Exam – Due 6/28 by 5pm 1. It is a few years in the future, and NCLB/ESEA are up for revision/reauthorization. There are two major camps with a stake in this: those who want to do away completely with standardized testing (EOGs) as a means of measuring student achievement and teacher performance, and those who want to maintain the current system. The policymakers have finally come to their senses and decided to get input from actual teachers. They happen to select you and ask for your opinion. Write your response to the policymakers. State which camp you are in and back up your opinion using things we’ve covered this semester. If you are in the ‘do away with testing’ camp, be sure to suggest an alternate means for accountability. Format: This does not have to be a formal essay, although you should still use complete sentences, proper grammar and spelling. I want you to state which side of the issue you are on and describe why, using bullet points. Each bullet point should include a concept/something covered in this course with a few sentences about how it supports your position – I want you to show your understanding of these concepts and how to apply them. In order to get full credit you must use at least 6 concepts as support for your position. (12 points – 2 points per concept) 2. On a morning news show the other day I heard part of a segment about health truths and myths. One of the news show’s anchors said, “Confirmed: drinking soda causes kidney complications.” The guest on the show, a medical doctor, went on to explain that, “recent studies have shown a relationship between soda drinking and kidney complications…” This leads me to believe that the above-stated myth proclaimed by the anchor has not actually been confirmed. Why? (1 point) 3. Ethical implications aside, how could researchers decide if this myth can actually be confirmed? (1 point) 4. Polly is very adept at mimicking her teacher’s idiosyncrasies, for example, hand gestures and facial expressions, and this behavior is being reinforced by Ms. Garcia’s tirades and the applause and laughter of classmates. The more Ms. Garcia lectures Polly about her behavior, the greater
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Final Exam - EDP 304 Summer-1 2011 Final Exam Due 6/28 by...

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