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truefalse sampel quiz 2

truefalse sampel quiz 2 - o(a True or False The sum of two...

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Unformatted text preview: o (a) True or False: The sum of two eigenvalues is an eigenvalue. Ten? lemma MWWGWQS ’th moi rela lea {70 . ,{ . L.\9 BMW 26% “I o (b) True or False: The sum of two eigenvectors is an eigenvector. ‘ Wfi mm alga» um can ”9L repealed (“PM“) to an age/x WM has a WWW”! (WW We 1 o (c) True or False: If 3 is an eigenvalue of an n x n matrix A, then 9 is an eigenvalue for A2. 4____.. Tim 4 f0 , ., 2 , ._,. m answer‘s-W50 “' o ((1) True or False: Let A be a i x 3 matrix and Bis 3 x 4 matrix. Then AB cannot be invertible. TM , because man/ms Med 170 ix WWVHW 10 bl: mam 1ng Al? aa/wu' M mmaptiwt WWW o (e) True or False: If /1 is an eigenvalue of A, then the dimension of the eigenspace corresponding to ,1 equals the rank of (A — AI"). K, mm m {clam/7 Space 0% A has a lem 0? how Max/N «am am. m M mmlmum Spanmn 30“, (Ania/x. cam - new 5 A 1’0 M WSW at +le ...
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