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Sociology 29/11/2006 10:39:00 Sex and Gender: - sex is all human beings are divided into male and female - gender is masculinity and feninity - sex is biological - it is also social construct - society READ CHAPTER ON SEX AND GENDER - unequal access to power, wealth and prestige between men and women 1. gender stratification Patriarchy: - dominance of men over women in society 1. F. Engels o Proposed that patriarchy came with the development of private property. He could not explain why private property should have produce male dominance, however. 2. - originated with the emergence of private property Sex Typing of Activities: - (george Murdoch found that) primary activities set aside for men and women … this leads to gender inequality 1. Devaluation of activities Race and Ethnicity: Race and Ethnic Groups – groups or individuals who perceive themselves, are perceived by others as different on the basis of different traits that are considered socially significant 1. We often attach certain social meanings to these traits 2. Based on physical characteristics 3. Ethnic groups – common ancestral heritage
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How do groups become minorities in our society? Minority Groups
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Notes - Sociology - Sociology 10:39:00 Sex and Gender sex...

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