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Superstitious Behavior Worksheet

Superstitious Behavior Worksheet - Print Name M...

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Unformatted text preview: Print Name M Superstitions Behavior As we discussed in class, superstitious behavior can develop as a result of operant conditioning. Explain one example of superstitious behavior that you have directly observed (either your own, a family member’s, or other) and describe how it may have developed. Be sure .to clearly identify the behavior change, the reinforcer, how and. when the behavior was reinforced, etc. Note." you may not use one ofrhe examples provided in class... think of a different one, so that it is your own. You ’Zliemember better how it works. H I)“ “Vfifw ““3 We "hm we have ex wad' or mac, I“ wear % Enema W8) Uhdfi/uflfifi and SPdrtgfigjéa W. I‘)’ did no} ‘ Underwrmaadba So grabb— WW I WM“- EMM‘MMQ/s 50%, M KW an; id M (WV? 05"; Mtbnflcé 44):; Wag: m mag/t 65' Watcdtdad “’43:; ON?{ hm 3: More, coat WbiE/ceb, PM“? dad mile MW at .3 l’C/‘i’WG’W .Scdeddle aw“ WW” ,. 3 ...
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