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RD-final AE draft - Erica Salvatore Research in the...

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Erica Salvatore Research in the Disciplines Section 20 Analytic Essay September 29, 2011 The Diagnosis; Addiction Could a nation such as The United States of America suffer from an addiction? If so could that addiction be the downfall of the nation as we know it? The answers to these questions are unclear but it seems that a nation can suffer from an addiction and our nation suffers from a very real addiction to oil . Our possible downfall is made very clear in the quote, “Making America the world’s greenest country is not a selfless act of charity or naïve moral indulgence . It is now a core national security and economic interest” (Friedman, 23). This is the argument that Thomas L . Friedman makes in Where Birds don’t Fly . The United States dependence on foreign countries will make us weaker . We allow our position in the world to be controlled by other countries, the countries that we depend on for oil . If they raise the prices a relatively small amount our society just complains but if they should raise it enough; our society would cease to function . Instead of investing and putting all our money into oil, we should be finding alternatives to oil which will boost our economy and allow us to enter a more diverse market . Without the above stated alternatives we will slowly lose our grip on our position as world super power . America's addiction to oil will jeopardize our ability to maintain our position as a world power while green energy would renew our independence and secure our position in the world market . First, one could consider the U .S.’s addiction the same as some who is addicted to crack
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or any other substance . We allow our position in the world to be controlled by other countries, like the addict allows their life to be controlled by whomever and whatever will get them the substance they are addicted to . This is well depicted by Andrew Bacevich in his essay, The Real World War IV . “What Americans demanded from their government was freedom, defined as more choice, more opportunity, and, above all, greater abundance, measured in material terms . That abundance depended on assured access to cheap
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RD-final AE draft - Erica Salvatore Research in the...

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