Latinos and Community Essay 1

Latinos and Community Essay 1 - Erica Salvatore March 5,...

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Erica Salvatore March 5, 2012 Latinos and Community Essay What makes someone a Latino? The 2010 census figures show a rapid increase in the ‘Hispanic’ population . Reactions to these numbers range from demands for inclusion to racial panic . All of these assume a homogeneous Latino community, united in a shared struggle . To me this is an ignorant assumption which is solely based on a social constructed idea which if tested would be proved false . I believe that there is not a complete unitary sense of Latinidad . There is a certain unity based on common suffrage but I believe that the Latinidad of society is nothing more than an over generalization of the Hispanic population as a whole . Latino is a word without a direct and reliable definition . In the United States, the term is used in the ethnonym Hispanic or Latino , which can be defined as "a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race . The term is also used in Spain as a term of self-identification for immigrants from Hispanoamerica . Another example is how "Latin American" is sometime the same as "Latino .” The dictionary of the Real Academia Española defines ten meanings for latino ; 1 . Natural Lazio, 2. Of or pertaining to the people of Latium cities or Roman law, 3. Of or pertaining to the Latin language, 4 . Like her, 5. It is said of the Western Church, to distinguish it from the Greek . Ex. Fathers of the Latin Church, 6. Of or pertaining to it. Ex. he Latin rites, 7 . Nature of the peoples of Europe and America in spoken languages derived from
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Latinos and Community Essay 1 - Erica Salvatore March 5,...

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