2-3-11 - 2-3-11Kantian ArgumentsRespecting...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-3-11Kantian ArgumentsRespecting AutonomyoCategorical ImperativeoRespect peopleoTreat people as ends-in-themselvesoDon’t use peopleAutonomyoRespecting people respecting autonomyoMappes: Don’t use others without their voluntary, informed consentAgencyoAn agent of an act isoFreeoCompetentoInformedoUsing someone is denying them agencyoSo, using a competent adult is oDenying freedom – coercionoDenying information – deceptionCoercion: ThreatsoIf you don’t do what I want, ill bring about an unpleasant consequence for youoAttempt to coerce consentoMakes target worse off on noncomplianceoExamples?Threats: problemsoForm: If you don’t ________, Ill _________oNoncompliance unpleasant consequenceoNoncompliance worse offoBut note: these arnt the sameoUnpleasant, but better off?oPleasant, but worse off?OffersoIf you do what I want, ill bring about a pleasant consequence for youoAttempt to induce consentoThe target is no worse off on noncomplianceoExamples?Offers: problemsoIf you _________, ill ___________...
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2-3-11 - 2-3-11Kantian ArgumentsRespecting...

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