2-8-11 - 2-8-11MEATRIXSinger’s Utilitarian ArgumentoWhat...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-8-11MEATRIXSinger’s Utilitarian ArgumentoWhat is morally relevant?oWhat makes someone/something worthy of moral considerationSufferingoThe capacity for suffering and enjoymentoBentham: “the question is not, Can they reason? Nor can they talk? But, can they suffer?”Equal ConsiderationoEquality: everyone’s interests deserve equal considerationoA prescription of how we should treat beingsoBentham: “each to count for one and none for more than one.”oSidgwick: “The good of any one individual is of no more importance, from the point of view (if I may say so) of the Universe, than the good of any other.”Racism, Sexism, SpeciesismoRefusal to give equal consideration on the basis of:oRacism – raceoSexism – sexoSpeciesism – speciesoIn each case, interests of one group are favored unfairly over those of othersUtilitarian BasisoCapacity for suffering and/or enjoyment is a prerequisite for having interestsoCapacity for suffering and/or enjoyment gives us interestsoWe must take into account all interests equally...
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2-8-11 - 2-8-11MEATRIXSinger’s Utilitarian ArgumentoWhat...

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