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Unformatted text preview: 4-14-11Washington vs. Glucksberg (1997)-Is a ban on causing or aiding a suicide unconstitutional? (Does the ban violate the 14thamendment?)-No. The court maintains that we do not have a right to dieBanning Suicide in WA-WA has had some form of a ban against suicide since 1854-Current law states: A person is guilty of promoting a suicide attempt when he knowingly causes or aids another person to attempt suicide-Promoting a suicide is a felony in WA-Withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatment is not suicide.Why dont we have a right to die?-In almost every state, in almost every democracy, it is a crime to assist a suicide-Long-standing expressions of commitment to protect and preserve human life-For 700 years, our common-law tradition has criminalized suicide and assisted suicide.-The earliest law explicitly banning assisted suicide was enacted in New York in 1828-New York specified later (by 1865) that providing someone with any deadly weapon or drug, knowing that the person intends to use it to take her own life, is...
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