1-13-11 - 1-13-11 Ambiguity o …. More than one meaning...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-13-11 Ambiguity o …. More than one meaning Vagueness o fuzziness in explanation…. Ambiguity o Bank (financial bank) o ……. Lexical o Ambiguity arising from the meaning of words or phrases o Ex. Keisha was at the bank the night of the robbery Syntactic o Ambiguity arising from grammar o Ex. Karen told us that she robbed the bank yesterday Vagueness (diagram) Rhetorical Questions o Indirectly assert propositions o Ex. “you don’t want to vote for the silly candidate do you?” (You shouldn’t vote for the candidate) Irony o Expresses the opposite of what it literally would express o Distinguish from implicature: o “I finished the test” vs. “I did wonderfully on the test” Implicit Relativity o “It’s cold outside” o “This laptop is too expensive” o “Tallahassee and Atlanta are close to one another” Quantifiers o Examples: “All,” ”most,” ”some,” ’many,’ ”a lot,” ”a bunch,” “none,” “always,” “never,” “often,” “sometimes,” “a lot,” etc… o Open to abuse o Some are vague: “many,” “a lot,” “some,” etc. o Often omitted Hard Generalizations o Apply without exception o Ex. “always,” “never,” “all,” “none”… Soft Generalizations o Tolerate exceptions o Ex. “generally,” “usually,” “on average,” “normally”… Rhetorical ploys cont. o Trading on equivocation o Trading on implicature o Complex question – ask a person a question that presupposes a claim o Changing the subject Rhetoric: They want to motivate you with powerful words (not arguing) o o o o o o o o o o Appeal to novelty Appeal to popularity Appeal to pity Appeal to cuteness Appeal to sexiness Buzzwords Scare quotes Scare tactics Appeal to ridicule Direct Attack – a command (“buy coke!”) ...
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1-13-11 - 1-13-11 Ambiguity o …. More than one meaning...

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