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Unformatted text preview: 2-24-11 Inductive Forcefulness (p.94) • An argument is inductively forceful if and only if the conditional probability of the conclusion relative to the set of premises is greater than 1/2, but less than 1 • Degree of inductive force of an argument is the conditional probability of the conclusion relative to the premises • (Remember, the conditional probability is the probability that a proposition is true assuming some other set of propositions is true) • Inductively forceful arguments are no deductively valid • If the premises are true (or were true), then it would be more reasonable to expect the conclusion to be true than it would be to expect it to be false Inductive Soundness (p.100) • An argument is inductively sound when: • (1) It is inductively forceful • (2) Its premises are true • Inductively sound arguments are not deductively valid arguments Two Types of Soundness Deductive Soundness: 1. The argument is deductively valid 2. All the premises are true Inductive Soundness …………………. ...
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