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Notes_for_10th - Regan the total abolition of the use of...

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Regan: the total abolition of the use of animals in science; the total elimination of using animals commercially in agriculture; the elimination of sport hunting or trapping. But what happens if not hunting or not using animals we actually arrive in a worse place? Since this is a Kantian perspective, consequences don’t matter. It is wrong to treat animals this way, period. Regan’s arguments: You and I have inherent value and it is the same for everyone. Our value is independent of our usefulness to others. Arbitrary things like race, sex, age, usefulness, etc don’t change your inherent value. Your usefulness might be low, but your value is always equal to everyone around you. Rights View: Categorical Imperative – only act on maxims that we can will to be universal law. Treat everyone as an end, never only as a means to an end. Treat others with the respect you want. If you tried to universalize treating people only as a means, then that would be saying that you want everyone else to treat you that way, too (which you don’t). Consequences of Rights View: Racial, sexual or social discrimination all in principle are forbidden. Ends do not justify means that violate rights. We can never violate someone’s rights in the name of social good.
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