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Test 2 - Sexual Behavior Bertrand Russell Our Sexual...

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Unformatted text preview: Sexual Behavior Bertrand Russell Our Sexual Ethics (pg. 60-64) = Utilitarian Possible sexual moralities o No sex without: Marriage and desire to procreate Marriage or engagement Love/considerable affection Attraction Respect Consent Russels Utilitarian o the question whether a code is good or bad is the same as the question whether or not it promotes human happiness o Russel rejects Crude Utilitarian Argument (Russell doesnt agree with the following) o Sex produces pleasure o The more pleasure a situation includes, the better (Is too individualistic, doesnt take group into account) o So, more sex, the better (Promotes/encourages/supports rape) Does not take in consequences (STDs, heartbreak) Central Problem o Conflict b/w impulse to jealousy and impulse to polygamy We naturally have a biological need for polygamy So we have to combat natural urges in order to do the right thing Traditional morality o Gives priority to jealousy o Social conditions promoting that are changing Greater mobility (train, plane, bus) Decline in superstition and religion Greater privacy Higher education levels, postponing marriage Greater equality between men and women Nature vs. Nurture o Impulse to jealousy and polygamy have instinctual and conventional features Polygamy is instinctual (nature) Jealousy is conventional (nurture) Implicit argument o Pleasures from sexual variety are part of biological heritage and do not change o Pains from jealousy can be largely eliminated o Russels conclusion: impulse to polygamy should have priority What does Russel want? o Women should not have children before the age 20 If women are to have sexual freedom, fathers must fade out, and wives must no longer expect to be supported by their husbands. o Young people should have sexual freedom At least a decade of sexual freedom before marriage to learn the difference b/w love and lust Better to have sex w/ people of same class and not prostitutes o No fault divorce: w/o children, by consent of one partner, with mutual consent Should not be regarded as in any way disgraceful o Sexual relations should be free of economic taint; women should work *if they are housewives then they should get paid Economic causes compel men to postpone marriage. Family o Russel: the obligations of fathers are chiefly financial o As economic equality b/w the sexes increases, this will be less important o CONSEQUENCES: the patriarchal family will disappear; marriage will be for the rich and the religious o No sound reason for concealing facts when talking to children Sexual Morality?...
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Test 2 - Sexual Behavior Bertrand Russell Our Sexual...

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