1-18-11 - 1-18-11Qualitative research Data Analysis:...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-18-11Qualitative research Data Analysis: reliability makes us feel confidant something is close to the truth/ validity - were actually measuring what we want to be measuring.Reliability close to the truth / validity can we generalize to other peopleTrustworthiness is this data worth our attention1.Confirmability we want to remove bias from our report/ go through other researchers to read our report to help us remove the bias2.Dependability the replicated part/ want people to be able to replicate the observation and be able to find the same thing you found/ natural settings change3.Credibility accuracy of your description/ having the subject of our observation read our observations.4.Transferability report needs to be thorough and clearSelected Examples of QRMoEthnographic InquiryoGoal is to learn about a culture or aspect of a culture from the perspective of the members of that cultureoParticipant observation: researcher becomes apart of group being studied; go under cover to acquire informationDoesnt have to be cross cultural could be within larger culture;...
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1-18-11 - 1-18-11Qualitative research Data Analysis:...

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