1-25-11 - 1-25-11Surveys, Questionnaires, Tests, and...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-25-11Surveys, Questionnaires, Tests, and InventoriesoTests and inventories (Characteristics of good tests and inventories)oValidity measures what it is supposed to measureoWays to establish validityoContent validity tests items represent the type if material they are supposed to testInterrater reliability degree of agreement between raters or judges on an itemoConcurrent validity: we already have a measure of that trait and we can compare the scores. If we find similarities then we can say we have this type if validityEx. Book: measure of aggression and behavioral tendencies from therapist; measure of attitudes toward women compare to attitudes toward first dateoCriterion validity test score is compared to an outcome in future; can pit predict an outcomeSAT and ACT predict first semester GPAsoReliability: ability to get same or similar response each time administer the inventoryoRetest-test (give measure for a second time and compare)oSplit-half technique (two halves and compare)Sampling ConsiderationsoPopulation complete set of individuals (All FSU students)oSample group we select to represent populationsoWho would we choose?oRandom Sample: when we ensure that we dont have all the smart kids or all the kids in one major, or all the kids who take morning classes; every member had an equal chance of being in sampleoStratified random sampling: drawn from specific subpopulationsoSplit by freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, and then take a random sample from eachChapter 5 Using the Scientific Method in Psychology...
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1-25-11 - 1-25-11Surveys, Questionnaires, Tests, and...

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