3-29-11 - 3-29-11Analyzing Multiple-Group...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-29-11Analyzing Multiple-Group DesignsMultiple-groups designs are measured with the analysis of variance (ANOVA)oOne-way ANOVA: one IV; completely randomized ANOVA: independent groups; repeated-measures ANOVA: correlated groupsoVariation divided or partitioned, according to the factors assumed to be responsible for the variation (Source of Variance)oF Ratio checked to determine whether the variation among the means is statistically significantoPartitioning VarianceScores (DV) are determined by 3 factorsCharacteristics of subject at time score measuredMeasurement or recording errors (experimental error)Value of IV (assuming it was effective)Total variation btw group variability (caused by variation of the IV, individual differences and experimental error)W/in Group Variability (Error of individual differences, experimental error, extraneous variation)oF-RatioF = Variation due to IV + error variance (Btw Ss)_____________________________________________________...
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3-29-11 - 3-29-11Analyzing Multiple-Group...

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