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Assignment 1 - Joel Diaz T R 2-315 Assignment#1 1 The...

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Joel Diaz T R: 2-315 Assignment #1 1. The problem that is being investigated is if handshakes reflect a person’s personality and if it affects first impressions formed by strangers. They are also investigating if they can generalize a few characteristics of handshake behaviors across time and gender. 2. The first research study introduced was restricted to 29 psychiatric inpatients, so they assumed the generality to be somewhat limited. The second research study measured temperature, dryness, strength, and consistency of grip. The final study was based on interviews with individuals who were thought to be experienced at handshaking. 3. One theory that guided this research is the Big Five personality dimensions. 4. The researchers hypothesized that, based on gender differences, women’s handshakes would be less strong, less vigorous, have a less complete grip, and be of shorter duration than men’s handshakes. Another gender difference they hypothesized was that women would have more eye contact than men. Also, based on handshaking characteristics and
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Assignment 1 - Joel Diaz T R 2-315 Assignment#1 1 The...

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