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Joel Diaz T R: 2-315 Section 09 Assignment #2 1. The method used to obtain data in this study was a naturalistic observation that the participants provided of the psychiatric hospital. They also obtained data about the patients from the hospital staff. The hospital staff were unaware they were being observed. 2. The deception in this study was of the pseudo-patients who claimed to be hearing voices in order to gain admission into the psychiatric hospitals. They also falsified their names, vocation, and employment. 3. The deception was necessary in order for the pseudo-patients to experience an unbiased
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Unformatted text preview: treatment in the psychiatric hospitals. 4. If I were a member of the IRB, I would not have approved the study because of the psychological distress the experience could cause on the participant acting as a pseudo-patient. 5. One weakness that I see in this study is the sample size of the participants that were used as pseudo-patients. Only 8 participants were used. A larger sample size would increase the representation of the sample to the population being studied....
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