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Joel Diaz T R: 2-315 Section 09 Assignment #4 Cognitive Effects of False Heart-Rate Feedback 1. I know this study is an experiment because it manipulates an independent variable and records the changes in a dependent variable. 2. One independent variable is the bogus heart-rate condition in which the participant are told that they are connected to a heart-rate machine that will tell them the speed of their heart rate when in reality they are prerecorded tapes. The two levels of this independent variable are heart-rate increase and heart-rate decrease. 3. It is an experience independent variable because it intends to manipulate the cognitive state of the participant by reinforcing or not reinforcing the bogus heart-rate condition. 4. An extraneous variable that was controlled was extraneous sound conditions. They
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Unformatted text preview: wanted to make sure that the sound of the prerecorded tapes did not distract the participants and alter the outcome of the dependent variable. They also made sure that their deceptions worked by interviewing them. They also interviewed them at different time intervals to see if the dependent variable changed with time. 5. The dependent variable is the level of attractiveness each slide received from the participants. 6. It is a degree or amount variable because it attempts to record a single number for the level of attractiveness for each slide. 7. Yes, the dependent variable is valid because the experiment controlled various extraneous variables. 8. The authors randomly assigned participants into the independent variable and the control group....
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