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Assignment 7

Assignment 7 - 6 If the experimenter was a woman the...

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Joel Diaz 2-15-11 Section 9 Chapter 7 homework 1. I think the researchers chose their participants based on the type of research project, because they needed male participants that have had previous experiences with alcohol and sex. 2. I think the researchers chose 20 participants based on finances because they offered $30 to participants in the study. 3. The independent variable was whether the participant consumed alcohol or not. 4. The dependent variables were HIV related knowledge, motivation for condom use, and self-efficacy to enact interpersonal risk-reduction behaviors. 5. The hypothesis is: would males who consume alcohol show lower HIV-related knowledge, lower motivation for condom use, and lower self-efficacy to enact interpersonal risk-reduction behaviors than males who were not given alcohol?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. If the experimenter was a woman, the participants who were male might have answered questions about condom use in a more socially desirable way. 7. Experimenter’s expectations of participants who consumed alcohol to answer questions in a way that shows reduced motivation and self-efficacy could have influenced the participants to answer in that way. 8. The experimenter’s knowledge of whether the participants received alcohol or not could have inadvertently influenced the participant’s responses. 9. Researchers would include one or two placebo characteristics in order to see if the participant’s expectancy of receiving a drug could influence the results...
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