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Assignment 9 - 5 The dependent variable in this study is...

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Joel Diaz 3-17-11 Section 9 Assignment 9 1. It is an experiment because they have control over most of the variables, including the independent and dependent variable. Participants are also randomly assigned into 4 different groups. 2. The independent variable in this experiment is the message the hand stamp contained, as well as whether they received one or not 3. The independent variable contains 4 levels. 4. The level of measurement for the independent variable is nominal because the levels are assigned to categories.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The dependent variable in this study is the number of condoms purchased at the exit if the bar. 6. The level of measurement for the dependent variable is ratio because it ranks the categories on the basis of which category of participants bought the most condoms. 7. The mean number of condoms bought by participants in each condition are: • “AIDS Kills”: 3.8 • “Practice Safe Sex”: 2.6 • Smiley face: 1.2 • No stamp: 0.8 8....
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