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Test 1 - Ch 1 Psychological Research and the Research...

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Ch. 1 – Psychological Research and the Research Methods Course Lessons learned from riddles o It is often important to view a problem from more than one perspective o We learn that determined questioning from a wrong perspective leads to little or no progress, but once the correct perspective is found, the solution to the riddle is often easily determined o Prior assumptions concerning data are dangerous; Questioning basic assumptions is often productive o Students in parachute riddle assume that man is wearing a common backpack, leading to fruitless questioning; overlook the unexpected in scientific data o Yes/ no questions, properly formed, yield highly useful data o In experiment it is similar to alternative and null hypotheses o Details that do not fit expected patterns are often of crucial importance o Discovering that there are no footprints around the body is inconsistent with most interpretations of the problem and can lead to a quick solution when reexamining it. o Persistence is the key quality in problem solving o By expecting complicated answers, simple ones may be overlooked. o Crucial difference even though similarities – science makes no guarantees; scientists must pursue their goals with no assurance of success, which require a special kind of commitment. How Psychologist Acquire Knowledge o The Research Process o Finding a problem Have a question that needs answered or notice that there is an area missing in the research o Reviewing the Literature Look at everything that has been done on the topic Why is it important to conduct a thorough review of the literature before conducting your research project? The project you have in mind might have been conducted many times before. To find a theory related to your topic o Theory : A set of ideas about a topic; Examples “a formal statement of the relation among the variables or factors of interest in a particular research area” Ex. Self perception theory o Hypothesis : A prediction, the idea being tested; predicted outcome of your research project that is based on the theory from the literature review “attempts to state specific relations among variables within a selected portion of a larger, more comprehensive research area or theory.” Pencil in teeth/ pencil on lips o Research Plan You need to come up wit a methodology or way to test your predictions and gather data o Conducting the Research Project Go into lab or whatever setting is appropriate to collect data o Analysis of Research Findings Use statistical analyses to confirm or reject your predictions o Decision in Terms of Past Research and Theory
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Does your data confirm what has been found in the past and if it doesn’t what conclusions can you draw about your data?
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